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  • Wallenstam buys Wallenstam shares for SEK 18 million

    PDMR registry Hans Wallenstam, CEO and largest shareholder of Wallenstam, has acquired 200,000 shares in the company via a number of transactions made by holding companies.

  • Hufvudstaden CEO invests SEK 1 million

    PDMR registry Ivo Stopner, CEO of Hufvudstaden, has made a series of share purchases in the period March 7th to March 13th. In total, he has acquired roughly 7,200 shares for a total amount of SEK 1.1 million.

  • Engwall buys Nyfosa shares once again

    PDMR registry Jens Engwall, CEO of Nyfosa, keeps buying stocks in the company that was recently spun-off Hemfosa and listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s main market. On December 20th, he purchased 400,000 shares and according to the PDMR registry, he paid an average price of just over 42 SEK per share.

  • Chairman sells Hemfosa shares for 3.6 million SEK

    PDMR registry Bengt Kjell, the chairmain of the board of Hemfosa, has sold 50,000 shares in the company, according to the PDMR registry. Kjell, a co-founder of Hemfosa, alongside Jens Engwall, sold the shares in two separate transactions for an average price of 72.75 SEK.

  • CEO increases NP3 stake

    PDMR registry NP3 Fastigheter CEO Andreas Nelvig has bought 6,276 common shares in the company for a total amount of 377,000 SEK. He bought the stake on November 5th, at a price of 60 SEK per share.

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