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  • Letter from the UK #3

    Jonathan Lye Politics should not have a significant influence on the currency market, it should be the underlying performance of the economy, however in the current climate this has not been the case. Across Europe we have seen a significant amount of political instability; riots in France, no government in Sweden, UK government under unprecedented pressure over Brexit and in Italy the government waging war with Brussels over fiscal policy.

  • Letter from the UK #2

    Jonathan Lye Regardless of the impact on real estate values the global withdrawal of liquidity by central banks will lead to higher market volatility. Markets will react more sensitively to data and political sentiment. In an environment where politics is often flaky this could lead to material market movements that have an impact on the financial position of otherwise stable investments.

  • Column: Letter from Britain

    Jonathan Lye Trade wars, stress within the EU and digitisation are placing significant uncertainty on the future of global economic growth. All three are connected by a common theme; the feeling amongst certain segments of society that they have been left behind. This is compounded by changes to the workforce bought about by digitisation. The segment of the population that this applies to is steadily growing as professions also find themselves under threat of becoming obsolete.

  • Sverige ser ut att ha en bostadsbubbla 

    Jonathan Lye Betraktar man Sverige från utlandet så ser det ut som att priserna på bostäder tryckts upp till bubbelnivåer. Det säger Jonathan Lye, direktör på finanskonsulten JCRA till Fastighetsnytt i samband med Business Arena i London. 

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