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  • Balder issues first green bond

    Green bonds Balder has issued its first sustainable bond. It is a non-secured bond with a nominal value of SEK 1 billion and is issued under the company’s green bond framework.

  • Entra borrows NOK 1.6 billion in green bond issue

    Green bonds In a green bond transaction, Entra has borrowed NOK 1.6 billion by issuing two different bonds. The first bond is a six year floating rate bond maturing in May 2025 has a coupon of Nibor 3M plus 83 bps.

  • Hemfosa issues SEK 1.3 billion green bond

    Green bonds Hemfosa has issued a senior non-secured green bond amounting to SEK 1.3 billion. The bond matures on May 16th, 2022, and has a floating coupon of Stibor 3M plus 240 bps.

  • Wallenstam launches green bond programme

    Green bonds Wallenstam enters the green bond market by launching a green bond programme. The programme has been verified by Cicero and is assigned the highest rating, Dark Green.

  • SFF issues new green bonds

    Green bonds Svensk Fastighetsfinansering has issued two new green bonds amounting to a total of SEK 592 million. The larger of the two loans has a nominal value of 392 million and carries a floating coupon of Stibor 3M plus 1.15 per cent.

  • SBB issues first green bond

    Green bonds SBB Norden has made its first issue of a non-secured green bond, taking in SEK 500 million in new funds. The bond has a maturity time of five years and according to a press release, the bond was in high demand.

  • SBAB issues SEK 6 billion green housing bond

    Green bonds Swedish mortgage institute SBAB has issued the first ever green housing bond in the Swedish market, the company announced on Thursday. A result of investor interest, the nominal value of the bond amounted to SEK 6 billion

  • Platzer borrows 324 million SEK via green bond

    Green bonds Platzer Fastigheter has borrowed 324 million SEK in the money market via a green bond issued by Svensk Fastighetsfinansiering. The bond amounted to 724 million SEK of which Platzer’s share is 324 million.

  • SFF issues 724 million SEK green bond

    Green bonds Svensk Fastighetshetsfinansiering, SFF, has opened a new green bond with a maturity profile of two years and a floating coupon of Stibor 3M plus 80 basis points. The nominal value of the first tap within the bond is 724 million SEK.

  • Jernhusen swaps brown to green

    Green bonds Jernhusen has refinanced an outstanding 103 million SEK bond with a new green 100 million SEK bond. The new loan has a maturity profile of three years and carries a floating rate of Stibor 3M plus 0,29 percentage points

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