• Podcast: Kestutis Sasnauskas, CEO Eastnine

    Capital Markets Fastighetsnytt meets with Kestutis Sasnauskas, CEO of Eastnine, who comments on the company’s latest report. The company is predominantly active on the Baltic office market and has a strong market position which the results for Q1 reflect.

  • Nyfosa prepares for further growth

    Capital Markets Nyfosa has issued a three-year non-secured bond with a nominal value of SEK 750 million. The proceeds from the transaction will partly be used to help the company reach its growth target

  • Entra borrows NOK 1.6 billion in green bond issue

    Capital Markets In a green bond transaction, Entra has borrowed NOK 1.6 billion by issuing two different bonds. The first bond is a six year floating rate bond maturing in May 2025 has a coupon of Nibor 3M plus 83 bps.

  • Vonovia proceeds with delisting of Victoria Park

    Capital Markets Vonovia has raised its stake in Victoria Park to over 90 per cent by excersising call options and now intends to initiate a compulsory acquisition procedure to take control of remaining shares and delist the Swedish company.

  • Hemfosa issues SEK 1.3 billion green bond

    Capital Markets Hemfosa has issued a senior non-secured green bond amounting to SEK 1.3 billion. The bond matures on May 16th, 2022, and has a floating coupon of Stibor 3M plus 240 bps.

  • FastPartner issues SEK 800 million bond

    Capital Markets FastPartner has issued a non-secured bond with a nominal value of SEK 800 million and a maturity time of four years. The loan carries a coupon of Stibor 3M plus 245 bps and matures in May 2023.

  • Balder drops Moody’s

    Capital Markets Balder has decided to end its cooperation with Moody’s and going forward the property company will only be rated by S&P. Balder cites deterioating rating quality as the reason.

  • Wallenstam launches green bond programme

    Capital Markets Wallenstam enters the green bond market by launching a green bond programme. The programme has been verified by Cicero and is assigned the highest rating, Dark Green.

  • Interim reports of the week

    Capital Markets This week, a number of listed Nordic property and construction companies have released their income statements for the first quarter. Here you’ll find a list of the companies and links to their respective reports.

  • Fabege and Atrium Ljungberg report Q1 results

    Capital Markets Two of the most prominent among the listed Swedish property companies, Fabege and Atrium Ljungberg, reported their Q1 results on Friday, April 12th.

  • SBB heading for investment grade

    Capital Markets Both S&P and Fitch have announced that they intend to assign an investment grade rating to SBB. The rating, BBB-, will be assigned to the company if it completes the issue of a EUR 300 million hybrid bond.

  • Heimstaden issues SEK 2 billion hybrid bond

    Capital Markets Heimstaden has issued a hybrid bond with nominal value of SEK 2 billion. The bond is part of a total bond framework amounting to SEK 5 billion and it has an eternal maturity.

  • Large shareholder divests nearly all Klövern shares

    Capital Markets Arvid Svensson Invest has sold nearly all its shares in the listed property company. According to a major shareholder notification to the Swedish FSA, Arvid Svensson sold 66.3 million A and B shares in Klövern and retains only 685,122 preferred shares.

  • Specialfastigheter borrows SEK 500 million

    Capital Markets Specialfastigheter has issued a SEK 500 million bond. The bond has a maturity term of five years and matures on April 2nd, 2024. It has a fixed annual coupon of 0.575 bps.

  • SBB issues D-shares for SEK 285 million

    Capital Markets SBB Norden has issued 9.2 million new D-shares in a transaction directed to Meteva AS, M2 Asset Management and Klövern. The shares were issued at a price of SEK 31, meaning that the company raises SEK 285 million in new equity.

  • Entra borrows NOK 1.5 billion from NIB

    Capital Markets Entra has signed a new eight-year green loan facility with the Nordic Investment Bank. The loan amounts to NOK 1.5 billion and is earmarked to three of Entra’s development projects; two in Oslo and one in Trondheim.

  • Former minister takes over Oscar Properties chairmanship

    Capital Markets The Oscar Properties nomination committee suggests that Peter Norman, former minister of financial markets and CEO of AP7 and Alfred Berg, will be elected chairman of the company.

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