• Carnegie sells 1 mln Platzer shares

    Capital Markets Carnegie Fonder has sold one million B-shares in Platzer Fastigheter. According to a Changes in shareholdings notification to Finansinspektionen (the Swedish financial supervisory authority) the fund manager sold the shares on January 17th.

  • Hemsö receives SEK 1 billion in new equity

    Capital Markets Hemsö has increased its equity by SEK 1 billion through shareholder contributions from its owners, AP3 and Sagax. The funds will be used to expand the company’s cooperation with the public sector as well as private educational and healthcare companies.

  • Sagax 9th biggest owner of Nyfosa

    Capital Markets Sagax has acquired 2.8 per cent of the shares in Nyfosa, which is both a competitor and a joint venture partner. The stakes is worth roughly SEK 215 million and is reputedly a part of Sagax cash management strategy. Sagax CEO David Mindus considers that when acquired the share was attractively priced.

  • Entra taps money market for 200 mln NOK

    Capital Markets In a commercial paper issuance, Entra has tapped the money market for 200 million NOK. The company issued a commercial paper with a duration term from January 17th to July 12th and a coupon of 1.6 per cent per annum.

  • Wallenstam increases Convendum ownership

    Capital Markets Wallenstam has increased its share in Swedish coworking operator Convendum by acquiring new shares in the company. Following the transaction, Wallenstam owns 25 per cent of Convendum, according to a December 28th, market announcement.

  • Property shares outperformed the market in 2018

    Capital Markets The combined market cap of the Swedish listed real estate sector increased in 2018, for the eighth consecutive year. At the same time, the OMXSPI ended the year down 8 per cent, following a dismal fourth quarter.

  • Kepler Cheuvreux: Fabege a top pick

    Capital Markets Kepler Cheuvreux has rated Fabege as one the five top-picks among the roughly 80 listed European property company covered by the investment bank. According to a sector update the company has a high-quality office development pipeline in the Stockholm region, available at a discount.

  • Will the year end on a positive note?

    Capital Markets When summarising the stock exchange year so far, real estate shares have had a relatively good return despite a shaky stock market in October. Fastighetsnytt’s community property index had risen 7% during the year in mid-November, while the stock market as a whole had dropped 3%.

  • Swedish credit markets tightening according to Catella

    Capital Markets Credit availability has worsened noticeably in Sweden during the second half of 2018 as markets have tightened and pricing of credit increased. While property companies maintain a positive view on the credit market, uncertainty looms as credit margins seem to rise in the coming months.

  • S&P confirms Specialfastigheter’s AA+ rating

    Capital Markets S&P has confirmed Specialfastigheter’s credit rating of AA+ with a stable long-term outlook. The rating AA+ is the second highest rating given by S&P.

  • Riksbank raises policy rate by 0.25 percentage points

    Capital Markets The Riksbank raises the repo rate with 25 basis points to a level of -0.25 per cent. The hike is the first in seven years. The bank motivates its decision by pointing to a strong economy as well as the outlook for maintaining inflation around the 2 per cent target being favourable.

  • Engwall buys Nyfosa shares once again

    Capital Markets Jens Engwall, CEO of Nyfosa, keeps buying stocks in the company that was recently spun-off Hemfosa and listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s main market. On December 20th, he purchased 400,000 shares and according to the PDMR registry, he paid an average price of just over 42 SEK per share.

  • No more share buy-backs for Wallenstam

    Capital Markets Wallenstam will cease to buy back shares and instead invest the funds in development of residential properties and exisiting commercial spaces. The company hopes to increase its net asset value by 40 SEK, or 50 per cent, until 2023.

  • Rikshem issues 650 million SEK bond

    Capital Markets Rikshem has issued a new five-year bond with a nominal price of 650 million SEK. The bond carries a floating coupon of Stibor 3M plus 1 percentage point with a date of maturity on December 13th, 2023.

  • Platzer borrows 324 million SEK via green bond

    Capital Markets Platzer Fastigheter has borrowed 324 million SEK in the money market via a green bond issued by Svensk Fastighetsfinansiering. The bond amounted to 724 million SEK of which Platzer’s share is 324 million.

  • Victoria Park aims for 1 billion SEK in acquisitions in 2019

    Capital Markets Victoria Park has published an income forecast for 2019 where the company assumes to buy properties for at least 250 million SEK per quarter, a total of 1 billion SEK for the year in total. Moreover, Victoria Park predicts that the income from property management will amount to 500 to 550 million SEK.

  • Hemsö extends loan maturity and interest rate periods

    Capital Markets Hemsö has issued bonds for a total of 2 billion SEK through a number of transactions in October and November. The bonds carry a fixed coupon, the interest rate is undisclosed, and the times to maturity are in the interval ten to 25 years.

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