Ulrika Danielsson. Foto: Castellum
  • Moody’s raises Castellum rating

    PUBLICERAD 2019-06-09 AV sverrirthor
    UPPDATERAD: 2019-06-09 00:15


    Moody’s has raised the credit rating of Castellum to Baa2 with stable outlook. According to a press release from Castellum, the rating reflects the quality of the company’s portfolio and its strong financial position.

    ”To obtain a higher credit rating is very valuable for Castellum. It proves that what we are doing keeps us on the right track from both a financial and a business perspective. The fact that the market shows faith in Castellum is a prerequisite for future investments. At the same time, the enhanced credit rating creates opportunities that we require to maintain strong economic flexibility, along with the possibility to expand our investor base nationally as well as internationally,” says Ulrika Danielsson, CFO at Castellum, in a press release.

    Before the action from Moody’s, Castellum was rated Baa3 which is the lowest notch investment grade rating.

    Oskar von Bahr

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