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  • Copenhagen market yielded 8.9 per cent in 2018

    PUBLICERAD 2019-02-08 AV sverrirthor
    UPPDATERAD: 2019-02-08 22:30


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    Property investments in the Greater Copenhagen area vastly outperformed both stock and bond markets in 2018, according to new data from Colliers. In total, property investments in the Danish capital metropolitan area yielded 8.9 per cent last year, Colliers estimates. Capital growth was 4.5 per cent and prices are expected to keep increasing, albeit more moderately.

    ”The Danish property market is fundamentally stable, and I am confident that the market will remain healthy in 2019. The only thing that may seriously rock the market is the highly implausible scenario of a renewed global financial crisis where international investors are selling off assets in marginal markets,” says Peter Winther, CEO of Colliers, in a press release.

    He adds that the market can easily absorb a rate hike and that it is more likely to be harmed by sustained low interest rates.

    In 2018, transaction volumes grew outside the Greater Copenhagen area, despite a decline in total volumes in the Danish market. International investors keep investing in Copenhagen while domestic players seek higher yields outside the capital.

    ”In 2019, we expect to see sustained strong investment appetite among domestic as well as international investors. However, faced with the risk of a certain economic slowdown, investors are likely to once again zoom in on more defensive sectors, mainly the residential sector, where the student housing and senior living segments are top picks”, says Peter Winther.

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