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    The Swedish transaction market is still strong and after Friday’s major transactions totalling SEK 4 billion, this year’s transaction volume amounts to SEK 126 billion, excluding Vonovia’s acquisition of Victoria Park. These are market statistics gathered by Datscha.

    The second half of October has been a relatively intensive period in the Swedish transaction market, culminating on Friday 26 October, which was one of the busiest transaction days so far in 2018. In two major transactions, aired that day, property worth SEK 4 billion (or SEK 5.5 billion depending on how you count) changed hands, and of these three transactions, two make the list of the year’s five largest so far.

    In its tool, the information company Datscha compiles the current year’s transaction volumes as well as the five largest transactions during the year, and according to Datscha, this year’s transaction volume now amounts to almost SEK 126 billion with a little more than two months left in the year. That figure includes Friday’s two large transactions and the transaction that was made public on Monday when Heimstaden purchased housing in Sandviken for SEK 354 million.

    In its compilation, Datscha includes all transactions carried out at a property value in excess of SEK 40 million. Note that Vonovia’s purchase of 81% of the capital of Victoria Park is not included in the statistics.

    Mention has been made of a slightly calmer market in 2018 compared to recent years, which is confirmed by the figure. Last year, transaction volumes reached SEK 175 billion, according to Datscha’s 2017 transaction report, and the previous year was a record year in the Swedish market with an aggregated transaction volume in excess of SEK 200 billion, which is unprecedented.

    We are unlikely to reach any record volumes when summarising 2018, but everything is relative, and over SEK 125 billion plus Victoria Park in ten months suggests that 2018 will be another good year with a strong and liquid market. That also leaves us with the period that traditionally has been one of the most intense, December. We will know at the beginning of next year.

    Where does Friday’s major transactions rank on the list of this year’s largest transactions? Folksam’s acquisition of two office properties in central Stockholm from Atrium Ljungberg is the second largest transaction of the year, and Balder’s acquisition of the Castellum portfolio is the fifth largest. The largest is still Hemfosa’s acquisition of 51 properties from Starwood Capital for SEK 3.6 billion.

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