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  • Leading the Way towards More Digital Property Asset Management

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    Hardly anyone working in the property business can have failed to notice how digitalization and new solutions challenge traditional ways of working. Buildings are becoming increasingly connected, tenants require more flexible lease deals and investors want real time data on the performance of their buildings. Most companies in the industry are currently scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to meet these changing market conditions. At the same time, new competition is appearing in the form of hungry tech start-ups with no IT-infrastructure baggage or locked-in views of how the business should work.

    At Newsec, we work continuously with improving our processes and invest in new systems. Given our size, we are today the fifth largest Property Asset Management company in Europe based on the number of square meters under management, we have both the strength and the requirement to take a leading role in the development towards a more digitalized and efficient property industry.

    Therefore, we now invest heavily in analyzing what might be the best way of working, striving to find efficient processes that can serve clients across national borders. In our experience, Nordic clients are to a greater extent starting to move between countries and international investors interested in our region see it as one market rather than several nations. Our aim is to offer a one-stop shop with a smooth and transparent client experience.

    Another important part of this is how we use the extensive amount of data we manage. How can we transform data about e.g. energy use, air quality and footfall to create more value for investors and tenants? Since more than a year, we are running innovation labs together with our clients and internally with our co-workers to try to come up with new solutions to old problems. We believe that our and our clients’ profitability and satisfaction will increase because of these investments and initiatives.

    Earlier this year, we ran a completely digitalized procurement processes in a total of 22 service categories, with 1500 unique offers and several hundreds of suppliers. From this, we signed 550 framework agreements with 150 suppliers. Thanks to a completely digitalized process, tasks that before took us two months could be removed completely. In comparison: the last procurement process with 950 offers took one year and this time, we could complete a process with 1500 offers in 4-5 months.

    IT infrastructure and business applications are important pieces to this puzzle and since 1 October, we have an experienced Group CIO, Anders Westling, with the task of building a cross-border organization with coherent and cutting edge ways of working. For us, it is important with a scalable platform that can be tailored to meet clients’ needs. We are a growing innovative company that carries out many digitalization development projects, and through our recent recruitments and investments, we are ready to build the Property Asset Management of the future.

    Björn Lindeborg
    Head of Newsec Property Asset Management

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